Sunday, June 1, 2008

More of Market

Here is a little Anna Maria Horner

and her Garden Party collection. She also does a line of home decor fabrics. Everything was so bright and cheery and really eclectic.

She had these chairs in her "drawing room" she called it, that you could sit in and talk to her like you had just stopped in to chat with your good friend. Anna was very warm and kind...

This rug was done in her design.... very clever touch!

I thought her quilt was spectacular and extremely unique! Her booth took 1st place!

On to the next artist...

Tina in the Flesh! Tina is eccentric and lively! She is from South Africa and has a brilliant playful use of color and pattern.

Tina's new line Chloe's Imagination... just so fun and with a bohemian flare!
It's hard to tell from my photo, but these are actually wings on the back of this little dress. Tina's taste is truly unique! She actually does all her art on watercolor first. Which is why she has such a unique look to her fabric!
Here is her pattern display which can be purchased through Free Spirit/Westminster Fabrics
or on her blog.


Megan said...

H Lucy! It was fun to meet you at market! Love your blog :)

The Drizzled Apple said...

Thanks Megan, just wanted you to know that I visit your blog all the time and I envy your dresser/desk! I want it! You are a talented lady girl! Hope to see you again soon!