Sunday, August 10, 2008

Motherhood finally has a face, or 2...

Have you seen this? You must see this!
This is my new obsession.... and 2 of my favorite girls!
2 things......
1. You have to watch it on your computer
(this can be a bummer unless you have one of those 55" monitors)
2. You must start from the very beginning and watch them back to back!
I love, love, love this show... can I call it that?
because technically, it's not really "a show".
Well, it needs to be it's own show PRONTO!
I just feel like I'm hanging out with my sisters and my buddies when I'm watching it... which is probably why I love it so much!
Oh, and also, I love to laugh....
Think I might contribute to the website posts next go around
(Nolan has done some pretty crazy things this summer... oh boy!)
Anyhow, hope you take a bit of time and really enjoy!
I can't wait for season 3!


nicole hill said...

Love Chelsea! I dont mind if you post Kassie's pictures, just link back to the blog. Thanks for asking!

Cristy said...

Hey girl I got your comment about taking a trip and WE ARE IN!!!!! We have talked about it a bunch of times, Bret is actually coming to denver a few times in the near future maybe we could even make a weekend out of it. I know we could find a hotel with a spa!!! It would be so much fun we miss you guys terribly! Love, Cristy