Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honesty Tag

I've been tagged!
I'm usually not too good at doing these but since Lila tagged me, what the hey!
Why be a party pooper right?
7 random honest things about me:
Here we go....
1. I hate hair on my body (except on my head of which I don't seem to have enough) so I shave every day.... yes, every day!
2. Sunshine can almost always make me happy, period!
3. The amount of gummy coke bottles I can consume in a week would astound you!
4. I love to pour a little milk in my ice cream, preferably chocolate ice cream, but any kind works.
5. I really have no idea what my real hair color is anymore. I'm sure I would be shocked by how dark it is if I ever let it grow out naturally. (not gonna happen)
6. There is a mouse that lives under my computer desk who I'm convinced has an IQ of 200 or more.(that's good right?) I have had a trap there that seems to be functioning just fine, each time I load the dang thing, he just keeps taking the food somehow without setting it off.... smart little bugger! I want to put a little web camera under my desk so I can spy on the tricky little SOB!
7. And, I too have had moles removed from off my body (like Lila) however, God thought it would be fun to put them in unspeakable places, to make it absolutely humiliating for me to approach a doctor unless I was truly ready to get rid of them.
(even more honestly, I think it was his way to keep me chaste as a young teenage girl)
So there you have it now, I must tag 7 others:
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Natalie* said...

ha! thanks for the tag, luce!

i already did it.... but here's one that's perfectly honest and isn't on MY blog...

i just gave MYSELF a brazilian bikini wax.

painful AND messy.

my 25 things:


xoxo n@

randi---i have to say said...

I have dealt with a genius mouse too! He even managed to get peanut butter out of a trap. We eventually had to resort to D-Con. He couldn't outsmart that! ;)