Monday, March 30, 2009

AE re-worked aqua lace skirt & vintage re-worked sweater

Re-WoRkeD sKiRt with aqua print trim

This skirt is made from a pair of size 6 jeans from American Eagle.
(There is some spandex in these jeans so there is some stretch to the skirt).

Measurements: waist (sits low on hips) approximately 28
Size: 6
Length: approximately 22.5"


The ruffle was made from a polyester scarf shawl

The sweater is a vintage, raw edged, re-worked sweater. It was a bulky, long sleeved turtle neck that zipped up the back, but now, it is a fitted pull-over (zipper no long er functional) that pairs nicely with this skirt!
(The tags were missing so I don't know what it is made of). It feels like a poly/wool blend perhaps, so hand wash and hang to dry just to be safe.
Size: S/M
(look for it in a day or two, I still have some adjustments to do before I'm happy with it ;)

The patch is an actual cut out of the denim, so the fabric is a bit shear

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