Saturday, April 18, 2009

Santorini Applique

Ok, so with all of the snow that has been falling around here, I've been busy. I made this jacket a couple of months ago, but wanted to pair it up with something. It was found in a thrift store and is from American Eagle Size Small. I made the sleves short (3/4 length) so it's perfect for a spring/summer cover up.
I finally finished the skirt to go along with it.

Lila's Santorini fabric is so great to applique with!
The flowers are big and bright and so fun to cut out and use with all sorts of stuff!

The skirt is from Old Navy and is a size 2; length approximately 20".

The hem is raw and the applique will frey around the edges when washed,
but that is how I like it!

This set is one of a kind, and I made it for Lila to wear at market in a couple of weeks. The jacket will be near impossible to find again, but if you want a skirt with a similar look, click on my Etsy link on the side bar and send me a request with size and length and I'll get it to ya Pronto!
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Lila Tueller said...

I need those! Yes...yes! Can I have??? I love them! Like you said, maybe not at the same time, but soooo cute! Great work Lucy!

Lila Tueller said...

I thought I posted, but it isn't there. Maybe it takes some time???
I want these!