Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Earth Wind Fire & Chicago

Just a few pictures of me with my buddies at a great summer concert!
Me, Kathleen, Tracy & Jenny

Fiddlers Green, Denver CO with a little Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago
We started out on the grass waaaaay up high, then made our way down to some open seats later in the show thanks to Jenny and Tracy's ways of persuasion with the event workers.

Earth Wind and Fire were sooooo great! They've been playing for 30 yrs +!
I have one thing to say.... next time, I'm sporting my own white bell bottom pants and shiny white pattin leather shoes!

One thing was surprising.... the pot smokers were at an all time high! hahah I've been to my share of concerts, but when the sun went down, the 40 and 50 yr. old concert-goen, pot heads really come out of the woodwork. hahahha Seriously!
Lets just say I was suspiciously hungry by the end of the show!

Doughnuts anyone?

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