Saturday, October 17, 2009

Houston Quilt Market

A bit from market....

Chelsea's Pink Fig FABULOUS!
It is always so fun to sit in this booth but this year... I had my own!

Hot Scott Patterns! My 2 cute sisters came over for a moment and took their picture with me....
(how come I'm such a giant next to them..... sheeesh!)

The funnest group of girls EVER!
Dinner at the Aquarium (thanks to Jane with Tri State Printing)
Jenny came to help me and I love her to pieces! She fit right in (didn't mean that as an insult in any way ahahaha, because we can be a bit dingy at times). But she just jumped in with 2 feet and was a strength for me just having her by my side :)

This is Kara who is Chelsea's friend. She came to fill my shoes, helping in Chelsea's booth.  She was wonderful! We laughed so much, she did my hair, and I feel like I have made a new friend. ;)

Look at some of Chelsea's latest creations..... Just Precious!

A little Piece of EDEN below....

Here is a small piece of Lila's Eden collection. It was so soft and pretty, very different feel from her other collections.  She did an amazing job once again with this fabric line, and we may see her work in some other kinds of fabric choices for baby bedding very soon.... hmmmmm! Makes me wish I had a girl at times. 

Here are some spectacular pieces by Rob Appell

This Crane was my very favorite.

I've featured Rob on my blog before, he's one of my favorite creative people.  Here is some more of his work....

Rob's quilts were showcased by Michael Miller and a portion of all sales proceeds went to protect endangered animals. 

Some Cute guests! Paula Prass & her darling daughter Jennifer. Paula's fabric was Amazing! I'll post
some links here later. I just want to get this posted for you all to enjoy!

I'll be back with more in a day or so.

Have a great weekend!


Kaerlig said...

Good job Lucy. You girls are amazing...and you could never be classified as a giant -silly. Tall is supposed to be an advantage!

Trish said...

Oh my goodness! Is there no end to the talent and creativity in your family?! What a wonderful thing to share in with them - I wish you much success!