Tuesday, January 12, 2010

INstAnT GrATifICaTiOn!

I'm so impatient lately!
I hate not being able to finish a project once I've started it!
Do you know what I mean? When I start a sewing project for example, I want to be able to see my finished product ASAP! I can't wait!
I hate being interrupted once I've started something, stopping and starting over and over again dissrupts my creative flow, my chi if you will- which is why I usually choose to sew into the very late, or early hours of the morning, when It's quiet and I can focus.... (without having to rush a 3 yr. old to the potty because he's waited too long to make it in time by himself, for example). 
Reciently, I've been choosing little projects, that are quick, gratifying, and FUN!
Here are some pictures of what I've been up to:

Cupcake, Portabellopixie (Sandi Henersen)... Henrietta Turtle & Fresh Picked (Heather Bailey),
Little Luxuries (Serindipity) to name a few...

I needed a new travel and storage bag for my curlers, so I came up with this...
it fits 9 Large Velcro curlers and 6 small ones inside the bigger ones.  Love IT!

My sister Lila suggested this pattern on her blog. It's from

Here's my version made out of Basic Grey-Moda

...it is lined with silk and has lots of little pockets
for all your rings, earrings,
and your bracelets go in the padded center.
Then you tie it all up and take it with you!

Love This!

One perk of being in the Pattern business with my sister Lila, is I sometimes get to try out her patterns before anyone else does! A fresh pair of eyes can be helpful when writing patterns, and it also doesn't hurt to get the opinion of someone on a "different skill level" than you are. Lila is a fabulous sewer! My skills pale in comparison and I love to learn from her tips and techniques. 

She will be posting the instructions for these darling mushroom pincushions on her blog for a limited time very soon!  Click Here

Isn't it sooo cute! It comes in 3 sizes you can mix and match!

(I made this one from her Small top and Med. stem bottom)
You'll want to add them to your fun, quick, and gratifying little projects to help carry you through the rest of the winter months!

Happy Sewing!


Lila Tueller said...

Lots of great stuff you've made, Lucy! Looks like you've got the "BUG". It's hard to do anything else when you've got it!

Your blog looks fab, by the way...who designed it? you???

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

soooo cute. i like it all.