Sunday, March 7, 2010


Trend Alert!
I love it when you trip accross something very simple,
yet unique.

Pantone Mugs!
You know, Pantone? ..... or more commonly known as those numbers next to the colors that you find on a paint swatch from Home Depot for example?  You could get an assortment like this, or you can choose some to match your dishes, or your kitchen! Very cool!
Here are a few links where you can find them.....

Let's take this idea to another level...
How about a Pantone clock?
Pantone Toys?
How about a Pantone Bag....

Or Pantone Note Pads?....

Are you seeing a trend here?
For a designer... it's almost enough to drive you crazy because you are already surrounded by Pantone this and Pantone that- all day long.... but ingenious that designers are now taking their tools (pantone swatches) and just using them (the swatches)to decorate everyday items we all use.  It's kind of like they are saying "This is what I deal with all day long.....welcome to my world.... now incorporate it into yours!" haha.

And we like it!
I LOVE it actually! Especially the mugs!
(but I am a designer so maybe I don't count).  hahah. 
Cummon, who doesn't love a little color!
Fun, Fun, Fun!

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Lila Tueller said...

very cool Lucy...crazy, but cool!