Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LoOk WhAt I MAdE...

Since my blog pretty much reflects my boy side of Pacific Trade Winds fabric, I decided to show you the more "Girly" side of what I've been up to...

I actually made a quilt!

This is my first full sized quilt I've made EVER! I know... I should be ashamed, but in my defence, I have made several baby quilts!
I think it has always been a matter of time, or lack of it. But, this quilt went together soooo fast! I did the top in one Saturday!
I joined a quilt group (to broaden my skills) and after one meeting.... I was sooo jazzed to make one, I had to do one right then!
So, I chose this pattern from Abbey Lane Quilts, from their Fabulous 5 quilt pattern book - first, because I loved the pattern, and second, because it said it was a quick and easy quilt! Those ladies lived up to their word!
I'm kinda into the more "modern look" as far as quilts go. So that went into consideration when choosing a pattern as well. 
I think it turned out great! And my friend and neighbor happens to have a long arm quilting machine in her basement so naturally I had to employ her! (I'm all about supporting young stay at home mommies!) Mindy Johnston did an amazing job!
This apple didn't fall far from the tree! Her mother owns the American Quilting store in Orem, Utah. 
So if you are in the Denver Colorado area and need a quilt put together... she's your gal!

here's a close up.....


I wanted something to mimic those circles... look how cute!
And here it is with some of the other patterns you can deck out your daughters room with.... because... I don't happen to have a daughter..... *sigh.
(Incidentally, I will have the Surf's Up Rug and Chill Sack that you see here, up for sale in my Etsy store soon, because.... what am I going to do with them..... really? ) So if you want them.... they are one of a kind samples! Or you can make your own! I also have the fabric up for sale there as well!
I'm keeping the quilt though :) Hey, I'm a girl! I can use a girly quilt in a world full of boy stuff!

Look how great it goes with the Surf's Up Rug & Chill Sack bean bag!
So I'm now working on a quilt for my boys.... it has a Skull on it!!! COOL!
I'll show ya when it's finished! :)


Chelsea said...

LOVE IT!!! You did such a good job!

Now you are officially a Quilter :)

Mel said...

That is absolutely beautiful and FUN! Great choice of fabrics.

Mel said...

That is beautiful and FUN! Great fabric choices, too.

Sarahtp73 said...

Love, love, love it! It looks great. You have an enormous amount of talent and a great eye for the fabric choices. A+

Lila Tueller said...

HI Sweetie! Nice job on the quilt!! You can do just about anything you want I think:)

The apples were DELISH! We ate them in record time. Thanks again!