Monday, January 23, 2012

First New Pattern of 2012!

Sorry I've been a bit distracted! I thought I'd give you a little idea of what I have been up to.....
There are lot's of exciting things happening here trying to get ready for market and that takes a great deal of work! 
The International Quilt Market isn't until May (thank goodness), but it takes several months of sleepless nights and lots and lots of   revisions to get a pattern right, never mind 3! 
That's what I'm aiming for at least... 
Here's a little peek of the first that is nearly done....

Now, this isn't the final draft by any means.... some changes have been made since these sketches were done. I LOVE LOVE this pattern! Been wanting to do it for ever! 
Once it's all completed, I'll have a drawing or two to get some of my new stash in your hands! 
Stay tuned!
And thanks for your patience and sticking by Hot Scott Patterns! :)


ashley said...

I wish I had your talent! Exactly why I am passing on the Liebster Award to you! :)

The Drizzled Apple said...

Thank you so much!!!
I'm trying to get this pattern out ASAP so check back in a few weeks and hopefully, it will be out in circulation.