Sunday, June 3, 2012

I wanted to post a few of the pictures from the photo shoot for my Retro Puffer Vest pattern cover.
I stumbled across this darling little sweetie Keely with her mom one day dropping Nolan off at Kindergarten. 
Finding the perfect little girl was not an easy task because she would have to get along with Nolan of course, and she had to be a cutie pie (naturally), but even more important, she had to be the right size little girl for the vest I had already made..... and I was leaving the next morning for Quilt Market. Pressure was ON! 
Que Keely......

Look at that sweet face.......  

Now, I'm no real photographer, (obviously)- and my camera is sub-par to say the very least, but 
it doesn't matter I guess when you have a cutie-patootie to work with now does it?
And wouldn't you know it... her mom sews! ;) (Can I pick'em or what?)

Speaking of cutie-patootie.... here's my little stud Nolan, hamin it up.....
hmmm think he's done this before? :)

This pose was all Nolan's idea.... I think I have a little Ladies Man on my hands

Then it got dark.... fast! So we were done whether I liked it or not. 
The saying is true......Thank heaven for little girls (Keely), and her Mommy who saved my hide that day! 

And that's a wrap!

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