Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Drizzled Apple

So, this is what you all have been talking about.... I'm so excited to actually be blogging! I will admit, I was quite nervous! (I'm a newbie) My name is Lucy
(short for Lucinda) and I am the youngest of one large and fantastically talented family of 9, only I've had some trouble finding my nitch. I sew, draw, paint, cook, but yet never seem to be able to really stay interested enough in one genre to really perfect my craft. (adult-ADD, self diagnosed, naturally;0)
Right now, along with my friend and business partner Kathleen, I am focusing on my Gourmet Caramel Apples which are to die for! I can't take credit for the idea, I was inspired by a niece, (there's that talented family again...) took that idea and
built upon it, doing test runs on my willing neighbors,children's school teachers and staff, and my wonderful supportive friends and family. Kathleen and I are constantly improving our techniques, trying new ideas, and totally love sampling our work!

Speaking of that family that inspires me in so many different ways, I have decided to feature a few of them and their talents for you all to enjoy! Be sure to check back as I embellish my blog with new photos doing just that! Until then, let me give you a taste of what I mean. Chelsea, another talented niece who is responsible for infecting me with the "blogger virus" has a lovely blog for you to visit!

But....on the more "immediate" family topic... I have 3 boys. Mason (9), Scott (6), and Nolan (16 months). They are sooooooo, well, boy! And I love them to pieces! Mark is the big one in the middle, actually, he's my sweet husband and I couldn't raise the other 3 without him!

Oh, and Emme,she's our American Bulldog.

(I couldn't allow them to corner the entire gender market in our house.... the dog had to be a GIRL!)

So there you have it. I can tell this is the beginning of a very unhealthy relationship with my computer.... and my bed for that matter! I'm exhausted!


vintagechicboutique said...

YAY LUCY!!! You're a blogger now:)I Love, Love, Love it!


Toni Hamel said...

Those Apples look SOOOO yummy! Chelsea is so sweet too! What a great family you have! Thanks for the tag. ;)

Toni :D

wendysworldart said...

hey girlie- thanks for tagging me. hugs