Saturday, September 1, 2007

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I have been tagged by Chelsea. (way to get me going Chelsea!)

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1.I have lost 18 lbs. in the last 4 months! Yes, it is hard for me to read that cause who wants to admit they have 25 lbs. to loose? NOT ME?!!!! So, I'm headed there, slowly but surely! My secrets have been; raw almonds, EAS Chocolate flavored Protein powder drink as a meal replacement (purchase cheaply at Sam's Club), and since they took ephedrine off the market, (Booooooo!!!!) my substitute is Walgreen's brand of Sudafed (Wal-Phed) 12 hr. It does 2 things for me... stops the allergies, (which is a plus), and curbs my appetite....(even bigger plus hahahah!) Being truthfull..... I can't live without the stuff! Also something called the Elliptic-climber at my gym. It is my favorite cardio machine. Burns 576 calories in 45 min. Check out the Ultimate Fat Loss Collection if you want to get serious... I know the author, she's awsome and inspiring! Love ya Jenn!

2. ONE of my favorite artists currently is Maroon 5.... I know, I know, they can be a little "naughty", but what can I say.... there is something kinda sexy about a guy who can express himself well......

My all time favorite artist is Sting (nuff said!)

3. My oldest son Mason (9) is Diabetic. His diagnosis has changed my life completely, from counting carbs religiously, to learning how to give shots, to getting up at all hours of the night to check his blood sugar levels, not to mention watching him like a hawk, (which previously was never my style of parenting). He has become my little Hero! I'm all about JDRF yipee!

4. Like Chelsea, I also color my hair. Only, I never seem to use the same color twice. Last week, these were on sale 2 for $7.50 at Walgreen's so what the heck. I like to get creative.... I buy 2 different colors one really dark for the undercarriage and then very blond on top. My roots always seem to go a bit strawberry.... which I HATE! If you have any suggestions on how to avoid that... that would be nice.

5. I'm currently finishing the 3rd book in the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I will admit, the 1st 2 I ripped through in record time (for me...2 weeks). (I normally only really get 1 good book in a year....I'm not much of a reader). These captivated me, although I'm beginning to get "bugged" by the heroin "Bella", in this 3rd book Eclipse. So it's taking me longer to get through. She's so fickle! It's really simple.... EDWARD, Bella, EDWARD!

6. I love to tan. Even in the winter! It's my 1 guilty pleasure! I don't get my hair done, I don't get my nails done, and I buy my makeup either online, or from Walmart, but I TAN! Every year for my birthday (Jan. 27th) my husband buys me a tanning pass that gets me through those gloomy months. Bring on the skin cancer......!

7. My newest "FAV" in the makeup world is E.L.F all cosmetics are $1. Think I'm cheap? Yep I am! But no way makeup that costs $1 can be all that great right? Wrong! I haven't tried it all yet, but I personally love the all-over-stick from this company. It comes in 4 colors. I love the darkest one Toasted on my eyes, lips and to define my cheekbones when I'm in a hurry....... it's the greatest little all-in-one treasure I've found to date!

8. I also have little crushes on actors. One of my current ones is
Ryan Reynolds. Ok, so he's like 3 yrs. younger than I, but he makes me laugh, even when I hate the movie (Blade Trinity which my husband made me watch), he just made it bearable cause he's such a cutie! Whew!

I am tagging:
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Nic said...

oh i LOVE sting! you have fabulous taste, dear. :)

Kass Martin said...

How fantastic for you. I didn't ever think you had any weight to lose so it's amazing that you somehow found it. Way to go. I never stick to a plan. I want to lose 5 lbs before Christmas. We'll see. I leave on the 22nd so that's my goal date to achieve it. Only 2 more weeks. Well, i guess it's about 2.5 lbs to go. I want some of your yummy apples/strawberries, whatever is pictured-i want it and lots of it.