Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Bling

Here are a few pictures of my favorite Christmas decorations. This year, I have a todler in the house, so we tailor our tree for him. That means there are no glass ornaments! My sister Lila, made me this set of satin stars and moons a few years ago and they come in handy for times like these!

These plush ornaments are a wonderful alternative. They are soft and add just enough color. The fabric is rich and it catches the sparkle of the lights. My children love to hang them (Nolan loves to carry them around) and I don't worry about broken glass!

We'll save the fragile ornaments for another year!

These were some of my latest purchases to add to my Christmas decoration collection. They are feather ornaments that I chose to hang over my kitchen window. I'm trying to bring the look of Christmas into other areas of my home.... it has been a slow process since I try to pace myself (to go easy on the pocketbook), but I'm finally spreading them into the kitchen!

Finally.... I love a fantastic bargain! I saw these stars at Wal Mart at the beginning of the year but I couldn't bring myself to spend $15 a piece on them. So I waited hoping that there would still be some left after Christmas. There were 3! I bought them all for $12! I decided to hang 2 here on my wall using bathroom hardware and satin ribbon. And I gave the other away as a gift.

They were a Christmas decoration that I can use every day of the year!

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Lila Tueller said...

Hey! I forgot about those satin ornaments, I made those???When did I do that? I have 30 or so of them myself, but I didn't know I made some for you! They look lovely by the way! I love ya!