Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Menu

The Drizzled Apple
Our current line of gourmet caramel apples

Our gourmet caramel apples are made with fresh, large granny smith apples

1. Apple Crumble: most popular, caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon sugar, oatmeal crumble $6.50
2. Oh Oh Oreo: caramel, white chocolate, crushed Oreos $7.50
3. Adam’s Revenge: caramel, crushed toffee bars, drizzled milk chocolate $7.50
4. I Want Candy: caramel, your choice of candy bar, drizzled milk chocolate, you specify what candy you would like $7.50
5. The Darker the Better: caramel, dark chocolate, chocolate sprinkles $6.50
6. Charlie Brown: caramel, crushed salted peanuts, drizzled milk chocolate $6.50
7. Happy Birthday: caramel, white chocolate, multi colored sprinkles $6.50
8. Tiffany’s Turtle: caramel, pecans, drizzled milk chocolate $7.50
9. Reece’s Cup: caramel, chopped peanut butter cups, drizzled milk chocolate $7.50
10. Red Hot Mama: caramel, cinnamon flavored white chocolate, red hots $6.50
11. Rocky Road: caramel, almonds, marshmallows, drizzled milk chocolate $7.50

Seasonal Apples $6.50
12. Valentines Day: caramel, white chocolate, red chocolate hearts with iridescent edible glitter

To order, please call:
Kathleen Orme (303) 471-5395
Lucy Morey (303) 908-2324

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