Sunday, February 3, 2008

Move Pick

Get Away to Italy

My husband is out of town for the entire week. I actually get to catch up on some of my movie watching when he's gone and the kids are in bed. So here is a movie that is one of my fav's.

Under the Tuscan Sun

I love Diane Lane. She's someone I've grown up watching thinking if I could only age the way she does..... she's gorgeous. Her character (Frances) is brave, spontaneous and still vounerable which makes her very likeable. The scenery is breathtaking, and her fixer-upper house is to die for!

And then lets be honest, her love interest, Raoul Bova, is the other reason I love this movie..... WOW!

(Tall dark and handsome.... just the way I like 'em! Can you tell, I'm missing my husband already!)

So, if you haven't seen this movie and find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, or are just willing to sacrafice some sleep for a good romance, try this one out!
The other thing I like to do when my husband is gone is get some major project done that we would otherwise argue over leaving no time to get it finished (like painting the bathroom for example). I find that as long as it is all done and put back together when he gets back, he's happy with the improvement even if he didn't get to put his 2 cents in. hahahaha! So, this week, I'll be staining the drawers and cupboards in our master bathroom to a nice chocolate brown and adding hardware! I already did this in our guest bathroom... and he loved the end result so I figure I'm pretty safe with this project. I'll add some pictures to this as I go.

But for now, here's to sleepless nights and productivity!

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Kass Martin said...

I do love watching a good chick flick while Bri's away/busy but I wasn't as impressed with this one. I thought it was a little odd which only shows that I need to watch it again. I watched it with Bri which he's a huge movie buff/critic so he's harder to impress. I'll give it another shot (alone). I hope Mark comes home safe and soon :)