Friday, January 25, 2008

Dangerous Obsession

It's Edward...... yummy!
In case you aren't familliar with this character.... you need to read this trilogy.

It's addicting so be careful! You are about to venture into a world of sleepless nights, dirty dishes piled in your sink and laundry that hasn't been touched in days! But Edward makes it all worth it! Enjoy! And for those of you who already have..... I can't wait for opening night, see you there!

!I Wanna Be Inspired!
And for a little inspiration I have decided to put a few pictures of people and things that intrigue me.... this is from Paint in my hair... (see my links for her page)

I got this next picture from the Michael Miller blog. I love this idea of free hand quilting on a dress shirt!!! Cool!

And the third thing I will post tonight, is one of my favorite aprons from Olive Juice & Co. I love her choice of bright colors and black to make this apron POP! And my favorite detail is the lace at the bottom!

Too darling!
Maybe I can be fortunate enough to purchase one before they sell out next time.....
Well there you go. I hope you enjoyed my little blip of art.
Happy Creating!


Judy said...

Doesn't he make the perfect Edward. My sil doesn't think so but I think Cedric is dead on. At our last book club (books were New Moon and Eclipse)someone brought a cd of songs from a Twilight party they went to. Listen to "Magic" by Colbie Caillat. It is perfect...should be the song for the movie!

Kass Martin said...

I'm so happy to see some more posts. You are so cute, we miss you. Happy Birthday! We love you!!! I want to order some apples. What are the chances of delivery?

vintagechicboutique said...

Edward is so yummy and that apple is too! I want one!