Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Spaces

So I have been inspired by this talented lady...

she designs her own cards

She designs her own fabric

...makes stuff from her fabric!

cool lamp!

I want her work space! I'm in desperate need of some creative space! I need room to hang doodles, to paint, sew, and store my magazines etc.
(That's it..... I need a new house!)

Laura creates her own stamps.... prints them on to paper,

...and then uses the paper to wrap up her hand made items that people have purchased!

That's having your hand in everything from beginning to end!


Julie said...

I love that creative work space too! I also enjoy your blog! I am a friend of kathleen Orme..we were buddies when i lived on Rose Finch circle..I also frequent your sister's "color me mine" studio--you are both talented gals!

The Zeediks said...

I love her stuff! So cute! So funny when you said that's it I need a new house! Don't you just look at peoples ideas and homes and creations and think you are actually meant to be them.?! i feel like that about you!