Monday, March 17, 2008

Project Runway

These are two of my favorite people right now....

What can I say... I'm a fan! Only because
I wish I could sew on the fly like the designers do!
I have designer envy!
This is Christian.... a young, but oh so talented winner of this season's show! He had some tough competition, (Jillian was my next favorite, here are a couple of her pieces....)

but in the end, Christian deserved to take 1st.
And he was a hoot to watch too!.....



The Zeediks said...

I totally enjoyed the season as well. Didn't watch it all, but what I did watch I fully agree with your pics on your favorites!

Kass Martin said...

I didn't watch P R. I should have. It looks like a show I would have totally been into. Shoot! Next season for sure. I made a couple dresses for Bridget for her birthday using Lila's instructions and they turned out super cute. I am going to be making some for Isabelle with Emily. She usually has a craft or two for my to be doing for her. It's fun. Who are you going to Bahamas with? That will be magical!