Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Bahamas

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to posting about my fabulous trip! It was amazing! Over the top! I so needed a couple more days, but, hey, I'm not going to risk the next possible opportunity for the sake of sounding ungrateful! Here are some pictures!

After the American Airlines Mess.... we managed to make our flight, despite the snowy drive at 4:30am., and we made our connection in Dallas, TX only because it was 20 minutes late. Arrived at The Cove Atlantis, where all poolside kitchens were closing down for the evening. We were able to talk someone into a $26 burger and an $18 salad and one bottled water to share. hahahah $56.00 later.... Mark was finally smiling and ready to try and relax. This is the view from a room.

This is our room..... it was soooo pretty and the colors were so fresh!

Here's me the first day out by the pool, (not so tan yet....) which was spectacular! There were beds out in the middle and around the pool that you could rent for $100 a day! I took the chair, which was quite cushy, and 2 towels which were FREE! Thanks!

Dinner at The Mesa. Mark and I both had Lobster which was DIVINE!

Another view from our room

I got up in the morning and ran around the property, which was stunning and a lot like what I imagine paradise to look like.

Some of it was a little "Vegas" but hey, I like Vegas! Bring on the Goddy Statutes, ostentatious water features and overpriced resort shopping!

Me and Tracy Smith sitting in the Atlantis Thrown after dancing the night away!

Brandy, ?(can't remember), Andrea, Tracy giving the feet a break from the heals!

Brandy and Tracy, my poolside buddies!

Cameron, Mark and Travis just back from the gym ready to hang out by the pool.

Mark and I after taking a dip in the crystal clear ocean!

...and that's it for now until I get more pictures from friends...


The Zeediks said...

It just looks so amazing Luce! The water is gorgeous. You are so so pretty, tan and skinny!!! That gives me hope that there may be body after baby :). Glad you got to go relax.

The Zeediks said...
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The Drizzled Apple said...

You are so nice Brittney, and don't you worry, you will have no problem getting back your magnificent figure.... I promise!

Shanna said...

Man, do you have to be so dang cute!? I am totally jealous! Maybe I should put the chocolate down and go exercise! You look awesome!