Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bandana Beachwear

Beachcomber Apron How-To

You will need: one 22-inch yellow bandanna and 1 1/2 yards white rope trim.
1. Fold and position bandanna as shown. Measure 4 inches from tip of top corner; cut off corner for a pocket. Hem raw edges of pocket and neckline.
2. Topstitch pocket in place. To create casings for apron ties, fold over by 1 inch two edges adjacent to neckline; stitch in place. Use a safety pin to snake rope through casing from corner to corner, leaving extra at neck.
For more detailed pictures copy this link at Martha Stewart Crafts


Brian said...

Darling! As I followed Lila's dress instructions I will follow yours too and make Bridget the cutest babe on the block. I will miss my mom while she is babysitting your youngens but I am so happy for you that you get to enjoy some much needed sunshine and get away. Have a blast on your trip and lets both cross our fingers that your house is in one piece and your children too! :) Just kidding. They will be in great hands! Love you!

Kass Martin said...

sorry, that comment was from me. Hate it when I'm not signed in properly.

Kass Martin said...

So we are watcing "Can't Buy Me Love" this morning and I can't get over how much you look like Cindy Mancini! It's crazy. I feel like I am watching you in a movie. That roll should have been yours! Loves!