Wednesday, May 28, 2008 market, to market, to market we go!

This is my cute niece Chelsea of Pink Fig Patterns

This is her beautiful booth (and my adorable great-nieces blown up in the background)! Chelsea did a marvelous job! And it was her first booth too! She's my idol! hahahah

I promised to help her manage the booth, (which she needed, it was totally busy, busy, busy).

Look how darling...!!!!! Seriously, the perfect little space!

The aprons were my sister Lila Tueller's creations which caused quite a stir amongst the people there at market. Chelsea is featuring my sisters new fabric line for MODA.

Lucy, Lila & Patty (new designer for Michael Miller fabrics)

Look at how great Lila's fabrics look up there on that HUGE Moda wall!!! It was VERY exciting to be a part of my sister's huge success! I'm so proud of her for taking a moment out of her busy life (she has 7 children, is a wife and home-maker, and owns a Color Me Mine shop as well) to fulfill a life long dream of creating fabric. She is an inspiration to so many (and I'm not just saying that cause she's my sister ;)

Olivia & Lilly dressed in Lila's fabrics!

This is an apron pattern which can be purchased through Moda or Lila Tueller. We paraded around in these and got tons of people stopping us to ask where they could purchase this pattern.

Here's Chelsea purchasing Lila's line.
(incidentally, that is Tula Pink who also designs for Moda, and is one of the coolest people! She also designed my sister quilt! Talented Lady!)

Ok, so that is it for now. I'll do more tomorrow! There is sooooooo much to show you all! I had such a terrific time and was inspired beyond repair! I am forever changed!

Let me know what you think!


The Zeediks said...

I love all the market pictures. You all look great. I love Chelsea's booth. So cute. Looks like such a great time!

The Zeediks said...
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The Zeediks said...
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The Zeediks said...

Can't believe how gorgeous her girls are! Well of course I can believe it with her parents, but you know what I mean.