Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fantastic Family II

MoRe oF ThOsE I lOvE!
(some of my very own)
Mark working with Nolan in the garden
Let me show you what my husband can
do with his green thumbs......

Mason at track & field day

Mason playing for the Astros

Nolan's obsession with "squirmy worms"

Scottie got a nasty orange slice... eeewh!

Scott playing with the White Sox


Some days are diamonds, some days are stones said...

I love all of your pictures, but where are the ones of me and my family in those you love!! I am glad that you got your paper up on your blog sorry I was of no assistance. When is date night?

The Drizzled Apple said...

Tiff, date night.... I think we're skipping Aug. and going for Sept. for your B-day and Marks B-day? What about Elitch Gardens? You guys in? I don't want to sit and watch the kiddie rides on my own now... come on!

Kaerlig said...

Love the pic of nolan looking at a worm

The Zeediks said...

I feel like this has got to be fake! Can scottie be that big?!! They all look huge but I feel like scott looks the most different, maybe it's the hair. They are all so so handsome!!! I'm so glad you put pictures of them up! lets figure out how we can see each other in person.

The Drizzled Apple said...

I'd love to see you Britt! We'll be home for Thanksgiving (I'm coming the week before with the boys) so we can play. You gonna come home?