Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fantastic Family III

YeS, tHeRe ArE MOrE....
(there's always room for more!)

my sister Lila and family

Lila & Trent

sister Linda with grandbaby Ronin

niece Heather and daughter Kela

niece Shelly & cousin Jolyn

Sister Laura, nephew Jesse & wife Chalese and my sister inlaw Lisa (blond)

nephew Mike with daughter Ivy

nephew Lee with wife Ginger, niece Kass and Emily with husband Ryan

Lee & Kass

sister Laura, niece Emily and Ginger on bottom... kiddies up top!

my sister Kathy & kids
My Momma, nephew Jacob with Katie and Kathy, my sister with baby Joshua

Jake & Katie

my niece Kaerlig's husband.... Dave Hurtado (you wanna read a blog that will make you laugh for days... go here!)http://www.thescooterlounge.blogspot.com/

Brittney my niece, Prego

sister in-laws Lisa & Kirstin, Aunt Katy & brother John

You know I could go on and on.... I'm just ready for bed! haha



Shanna said...

How would it be to be surrounded by tons of gorgeous people? That is your family! Wowsers! I shouldn't be surprised since you are one hot mama yourself!

Kaerlig said...

Luce, you really love your family and it shows! (I love us too)

Kass Martin said...

Don't we have the best, best looking family? It's pretty amazing actually. You are so pretty Luc. I love the picture with you and the boys with your cute hat. We miss you!!! I can't say that enough. Love you! I want some of those yummy razberries. My mouth is watering just thinking of them. Way to go Mark.