Monday, September 1, 2008

The Animals Were ...nice.

I took the boys to the Denver Zoo last week... it was very nice. Nolan is at that age where the zoo is soooo much fun and exciting.... so I bought a family season pass to get us through the fall and next summer.
As we walked around, we ooo'd and aaaa'd and "oh look how cute!" etc. etc. but I didn't take a single picture,
until I saw THIS......

Holy Freaking HUGE Hybiscus! was breath taking!

And that sums up the most facinating thing I saw at the Denver Zoo!

I promise i'll take pictures of the kids next time..... haha!


Kaerlig said...

Well, that is a nice flower. Oh and about your message on my Sunday Cyclone post...actually David was taking a nap leaving me to face the storm alone. We've come to a point where sleep takes precedence over all else.

j-liz said...

Hi Lucy! I jumped from Keri's blog, and that picture of you at the top looks like Bryce Dallas Howard. I love those flowers at the zoo--I have a picture of Emma next to one and it's bigger than her head!
--Katie Lisonbee

Cristy said...

I am laughing so hard that you have no pictures of the boys!! I guess you deserve a little frilly girl stuff too! Love ya miss ya! Did you get my post about planning a trip? We are game! Let me know.

Chelsea said...

That thing is huge!

So did you go to the zoo right after I talked to you on the phone?

Nolan was dying to go:)


Cristy said...

Yes my BABY is going to preschool!! You have been gone that LONG! I hate it, I am still a little bitter at Mark for taking you away. But say the word you want to come back and I will have you a house by morning!!! Love ya miss ya!

Kass Martin said...

Isn't it amazing how nature can be so beautiful. Here you are in the zoo with lots of adorable but let's be honest, very smelly, hairy, stinky, sometimes crazy animals and you stumble across a beauty like that. It's a great feeling.

The Drizzled Apple said...

Kass you are such a doll! hahah. Actually, I did go back to the zoo today and I will post some pictures of Nolan.But yes, they were smelly, and hairy and really, how many pictures of kids at the zoo do I really need?