Thursday, December 11, 2008

The English Beat

For one evening I get to go back in time and enjoy the sounds of

tonight in person!
Kathleen Orme (my dear friend and caramel apple partner) share many things in common.... the love of this band is one of them. So She and I (and another friend I intend to convert to ska) Jenny Roosa are heading out early to stand in the cold for tickets to see this amazing band! (it's soooo worth it!)

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.... let me enlighten you....
Dave Wakeling (*sigh*)

Because members of The English Beat had joined with The Specials and General Public, I get the pleasure of hearing songs from all 3 bands!!!

(look how cute they all were)

The first time I saw Special Beat in concert was back in college in Provo, Utah 1992!

(Mark and I were dating and we went together) however, I have been a fan for many years before that....

I have my older brother John Rector to thank for showing me the error of my ways of only settling for top 40 music. He forbade me to listen to it in his presence. In effort to enrich his little sisters music appreciation, he selflessly shared his record collection with me and I quickly became a fan of ska. At that point, there was no stopping me, I proceeded to raid his closet and wore his "mod" (because that is what it was called back then) attire and decked my room and Junior High locker in stickers like The Beat, The Jam, The Style Council, and fell in love with David Bowie.

John served his LDS mission in Essex London (totally appropriate) and brought me home a T-shirt which I still have to this day.

I just had to show this shirt because it looks a lot like mine (mine is white).... and you can bet I will be wearing it tonight while I scream, dance and act like a crazy teenager again for one night!

(Feel free to stick around and enjoy my play list filled with The English Beat, The Specials, General Public & Special Beat music for a day or two)


Some days are diamonds, some days are stones said...

We are coming down on Saturday. we want to have lunch

Kaerlig said...

Love the playlist Lucy.

John's influence over Hart and Trev spilled over onto me and David. It was hard to listen to Julie and Kassi's music when they got into high school because they didn't have the same element of cool that their older siblings had :) and they wouldn't listen to us when we tried to educate them. Oh well.

I saw them in Provo when Ska became the rage in college.

Have fun.

The Drizzled Apple said...

Ok, so I just got this..... grrrr. Let's reschedule!