Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I aM ThaNkFuL

Thanksgiving '08
I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving holiday with family in Utah. I packed up my boys and drove 9 hrs. (the last one with Nolan throwing a fit- joy!)
Here are some pictures to help us remember good times together.
My sweet sister Laura and I at Lila's for Thanksgiving Dinner
Turkey eaters; Laura, me & Nolan, Paige, Lila, Mark & Halle, Carol &Matt
Brittney & I
Momma & Me

Some of the dessert clan at Laura & Sam's Hal and Nolan need to get together and have their own pictures taken.... ha.

My sisters Laura, Linda & fiance
Scott & Hayden posen
Emily Engemann, Me, Marisha Akin, Kass Martin (my neices)
and the little ones Jack, Nolan, and Ivy below

We ended the trip with Scott's Baptism.

cousins singing When I am Baptized


The Evans Family said...

You look great, as always. Love looking at the pic's of your family. Looks like everyone had a fun time together. Sorry your family was sick over the holiday. I would say that something must be going around since Abigail and I were both sick too, but we're 2000 miles apart (a sad fact).

Kass Martin said...

I loved having you here. I was sad that i had family here too so I didn't get to soak you up as much as I wanted or needed. You are so pretty, nice, caring, great mom-wife-aunt-friend...I love love you Lucy!

Kaerlig said...

Lucy, thanks for the twilight night and it was fun working it at the gym with everyone.

Love you.