Monday, March 30, 2009


!Santorini is here!

My sister Lila just got her new line of fabric samples
and she shared!
(don't you LOVE people who share?)

Santorini won't be out in stores until Fall 2009,

but here is your sneak peak!

hmmm....what shall I make?

I have some time before market in Pittsburgh this May to sew up something cute to wear ... or maybe a bag?

This is the hardest part for me, deciding what I want to make once I get the fabric. I don't really want to cut it all up. I just kind of like to look at the fabric stacked up, color coordinated like it is.... (it's a sickness, really)ha.

I'll show you once I figure it out myself.


Judy said...

that is beautiful material! I love it! hummmm what to make from it!

Cristy said...

ok so I thought I loved the last these are amazing! I am on the hunt for patterns now to get ready. Can't wait to see what you make. LOVED LOVED The cover up now lets plan a beach to wear it on!! Love ya

Jenny said...

OK, sooooo adorable!! I love the colors, and can't wait to see what you make with them!

Kass Martin said...

we love all that fabric. This is kass and em. We are in awe of your creations. YOu are so talented. We keep thinking we want to do something then remember that you aunts stole all the talent!! I think a vintage skirt that's shorted with a few tiers of lace would be so pretty. hitting right at the knee where it goes in because of our massive legs and bulging calves we have to alter lengths all the time. What do you think? Just a thought. THe sweater is amazing! We love it. and love you.

Julie Andersen said...

Come live in Utah with all of US WE MISS YOU