Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amazon Kindle Commercial 1

You can say I'm a little slow sometimes.... out of touch, or maybe I'm just busy. (that's it! I'm really very busy!) But I'm finding it humorous that I'm just now being able to put two and two together, because I'm really quite good with faces.... (can't put the name to it most of the time... but faces I remember).
You've seen this video for Amazon Kindle right? Like a bazillion times..... like me, and every time, I kept saying.... boy she looks soooo familiar!!! But hey, I wrote it off..... because I watch Mad Men for example (have a small crush on the infamous Don Draper or Jon Hamm- yummy!) and this same pretty face was on Mad Men playing the oh so lucky stewardess who gets to kiss Don Draper.... so naturally, she would look familiar right?
(sooo jealous right about now!)
Or, how about here.... are we starting to see the resemblance here yet?
One would think....
I might have clued in here where it says her name..."Little", but being the blond I am, I kind of assumed the "Little" corresponded to the guy standing next to her since "Ashley" is a rather feminine name... after all. Right?

This is what it took.......

It took the face along side the name.....
we went to middle school together, Bryant Jr. High to be exact! Only, she went by Anne,
(not Annie) Duh! Hey, put a few years in between memories, have a few children in there (which will make anyone loose their mind in one way or another and one is bound to forget a face or two from your childhood.) Anyhow, I've been listening to her stuff now for a while, you can find it playing in my play list.... and she's just darling! Was back then, and still is now....
Check out more of her work, and buy some of her music here. I just thought I'd do a little free promoting for the girl I once knew. (a group of us girls use to skip class sometimes and all go hang out at a little pizza joint around the corner from the school- only don't tell my 12 yr. old son that ;)
Good Times!

(Oh, and I'm still totally jealous of that part where she gets to kiss Jon Hamm..... guh)!

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