Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Pattern...

Ok, this pattern has been the DEATH of me! I don't know why, some patterns are just harder to work out all the kinks and such, but this one was a doozie for me! Anyhow, it is a "Scraps" pattern. You know... for all those little pieces of material that you just can't get rid of? But.... don't know what to do with?
The pencil bag can have a wristlet or not, can be patched together, or not. The Luggage Tags I just love! These were done in a more "boy" fabric... but I have a skull tag in some of my favorite TULA PINK fabric... and I LOVE IT! they will be on all my luggage when I come to Quilt Market in a few weeks! 
Guuh! I need to get back to work!!!
I'll post a few more pictures in a bit.

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