Sunday, December 19, 2010

PrE-OrDeR the Re-MiX HoODie

You can pre-order this pattern for next week!
Send me an email to place your wholesale order.
I know... I'm a bit behind, (like a month) but this is how things go sometimes *sigh. 

But look how Stinkin-Cute!
It will also have a zip-down option. These sweatshirts are pre-purchased, or maybe you already have one laying around. This pattern will show ya how to turn it into a cool little hoodie!

Wear it with the Nolan Backpack... it's a good little combo!
(this pack is still up for sale on my etsy store-
just in case ya want it ;)

1 comment:

Chacoy said...

i love it! anything that is for the boys and you touch is golden!

can't wait to see what you came up with-with your slice fabrique'! i have been wanting one for appliques but that will have to wait until i win the lottery! haha

your new look on the blog looks good btw!

i feel horrible that i haven't been around but i have been a lil' busy finishing my treatments, school, raising my son and trying to teach myself to sew to make cute stuff with your patterns!
ttyl hope all is well;)