Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slice Fabrique

There are some exciting things going on around here! 
Take a look!

This is a fun little gadget and a must have if you like doing applique on, well, just about anything! I'm excited to have some involvement with this company! They are making my life in the fabric industry easier, and a ton of fun!
Look for some new design cards coming out for the Fabrique in May! I know you'll love the designs because they are coming from some of your favorite fabric designers! (more on that later!)
Until then, I'll be posting some things for you to see that I've made with my own Slice Fabrique! 

!!Always Live Inspired!!

1 comment:

Susana said...

I absolutely Neeeed to have the Fabrique! I've been calling Making Memories since November to find out where and when I can buy it ;) I am solo intrigued about the Design cards you speak of! Please, Do tell more.