Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A new little project or two made with my Slice Fabrique!
I used my Urban Kid design card cartridge!
I LOVE to re-purpose stuff! This Swim Bag was made out of an old denim skirt I had in storage. I was going to donate it... but I couldn't get over all the great denim fabric I was going to give away.....
my boys needed another swim bag so that's what I made....

It's reversible.... (this side is more for me..:)

Denim is EVERYWHERE!!! Have you noticed?

(My sister made me one of these when I was 10 years old!)
think I still have it somewhere.....

guh!... cute!

I also used my Urban Kid lettering to make
 a Monogram Pillow (made out of a shower curtain from Target!)

I love the waffle texture and the grommit pocket!

Here is a picture of all the things my Urban Kid design card will do for ya...

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Chelsea said...

CUUUUTE! I love it lucy!