Monday, August 29, 2011

Ok so no big surprise, I'm a product of the 80's
I was in middle school in 1985 and being into clothes and fashion, I wore all the trendy styles of course...  however I was always into taking something store bought and making it unique or different from my friends. There just weren't as many cool stores back then as there are today, so if you liked a shirt in Contempo Casual (for example), chances were someone else would be wearing it to school the next day as well!  
Some of the trends of the 80's make me cringe to think about frankly ;) but hey, it is what it is and I must be true to my generation.

(Ok- I NEVER wore these let me just clarify) ha!

Madonna and Flash Dance influenced, Neon, cut up T-shirts, jelly shoes and bracelets, Swatch Watches and big lace bows in our hair were just some of the terrifying looks I adorned.  Oh, and don't forget the Neon Blue mascara and matching eyeliner to boot! What a mess! Guh! (My poor Mother!)

Anyhow, fashion always circles back around and recently, I've found myself wearing cut up T's and neon accented parachute pants to workout in :). I catch my husband smiling and rolling his eyes as I walk out the door haha! 

I purchased this book about a year ago, because I was tired of checking it out from the Library. I figure if I check a book out more than 2 times.... it's a keeper! And now there is a second one as well.

But what is even more cool is the blog:

Anyhow there are lots of cool tutorials out there on this very subject, but I thought I'd show you this little Tutorial on how to cut your T-shirts from a girl on Youtube. You all know how much I LOVE youtube right?

Now in case you didn't know... I'm totally into Zumba Fitness (due to my High School years in South America- and my nieces Kass and Emily who are now Zumba instructors)! So here is a tutorial from Zumba so you can have super cute and edgy workout gear!

I hope you have enjoyed my trip back to the 80's- now go shred those T-shirts!
Happy Sewing!

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