Monday, May 25, 2009

Santorini Pre-Cuts


So, I had a few people ask me when and where they can get some Santorini!

I'm so excited that you are anxious to get your hands on some! I will pass on the compliments to my sister! Actually, Santorini in bolts and actual yardage won't be shipped to stores until September. However, in the mean time... you can go here

And don't forget, you can purchase her patterns on her blog Lila Tueller Designs. Check out these sweet booties you can whip up!

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support! I'm very proud of my big sis, Lila!

1 comment:

Suzie said...

oh my goodness. those are the yummiest, most inspiring combinations of color and fabric I have seen in a long time.
Love them!
such a talented family. you fit right in, girl.