Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I must pass along this info about a super fantastic giveaway over at Vintage Revivals. 

So I'm going to confess a small obsession with this individual... Mandi, from Vintage Revivals.  I think she is completely Fabulistic!

She is a chronic DIY'er which speaks straight to my inner veins because I love it when one can take a an idea and make them even better for half the cost. Mandi has an amazing flare and eye for style and I also love that about her.  I want this bedroom..... for example!

She made the bed cover... which is so cute, but the whole room!!! aaah! Love it!
Check out this knock off Anthropology tea pot lamp!!! GUh!

But this is my latest drool..... she did a DIY rug that is Fantabulous!

Don't be surprised if you see something similar in my family room the next time you come over... I'm not above copy-catting here people!
(if I can find 4 hours in the day that is.....)

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